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  • Karcher High Pressure...

    The Air Con pressure washer with induction motor makes it incredibly easy to clean air conditioning systems. Thanks to the innovative Vario Power Jet Short 360° with swivel-mounted nozzle head and short spray gun, it performs well even in tight, hard-to-reach work areas, saving you the effort of dismantling the system. The pressure can be adjusted between 20 and 100 bar on the nozzle head so that delicate components such as fine grilles can be cleaned gently. The Air Con pressure washer is also perfectly suited to cleaning cars and motorbikes.

    High-pressure hose, 7.5 m
    Detergent application via, Suction
    Vario Power Jet Short 360°
    Integrated water filter
    High-pressure guns, Standard Quick Connect
    Technical Data

    Pressure (bar/MPa) : 20 – max. 100 / 2 – max. 10
    Flow rate (l/h) : 360
    Max. inlet temperature (°C) : 40
    Current type (V/Hz) : 220 / 240 / 50
    Connection load (kW) : 1.4
    Weight without accessories (kg) : 7.9
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) : 374 x 201 x 296

    Application areas
    Air conditioning system
    Car interior


    Karcher High Pressure...

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  • Karcher Microfibre Cloth...

    Absolutely perfect cleanliness across the entire kitchen – this is no problem with the steam cleaner cloth kit from Kärcher. The microfibre cloth kit contains two microfibre floor cleaning cloths for the hand nozzle – ideal for loosening and binding stubborn dirt, e.g. around the hob. An additional microfibre stainless steel cloth can be used to make any stainless steel surface gleam. All cloths are perfectly tailored for using the steam cleaner around the kitchen.
    Stainless steel cloth made of high-quality microfibre
    Streak-free polishing result, very good water absorption.
    Soft floor cloth of high quality microfibre fleece
    Optimum dirt loosening, great dirt pick-up; microfibre guarantees good cleaning results on all hard surfaces.
    Soft cover for hand nozzle of high quality microfibre fleece
    Optimum dirt loosening, great dirt pick-up; microfibre guarantees good cleaning results on all hard surfaces.
    High-quality microfibre
    Can be machine-washed at 60 °C.
    Technical data
    Weight (kg) 0,1
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 2
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 400 x 110 x 6


    SG 4/4
    For working areas in the kitchen
    For sinks
    For exhaust hoods
    For ceramic hobs
    For cleaning all hard floors (tiles, marble, PVC, granite, etc.)
    For fridges (indoors/outdoors)
    For inside walls of cupboards, drawers
    For tiled walls (small)

  • Karcher 3 Pieces Round...

    Set consisting of stainless steel, brass, and Pekalon round brushes.

  • Karcher Vario Power Jet...

    continuous adjustment
    The pressure can be adapted to the cleaning task.
    low-pressure detergent jet
    Infinitely adjustable pressure regulation – from low-pressure detergent jet to high-pressure jet.
    No need to change the spray lance.
    Vp 145 Vario power jet, spray lance for pressure washers in classes K 4 to K 5.

    Continuously adjustable from low-pressure detergent jet to high-pressure jet, simply by turning the spray lance.

    Weight 0.3 kg
    Dimensions 448 × 46 × 46 cm

  • Karcher 9m Quick Connect...

    9 m high-pressure replacement hose for pressure washers (K 2 to K 7) manufactured since 2009, on which the hose is attached to the spray gun and device with a Quick Connect quick coupling. The replacement hose withstands a pressure of up to 180 bar and is suitable for temperatures up to 60°C.

    Replacement hose 9 m
    Quick hose changing
    Quick Connect adapter
    The high-pressure hose is easy to manoeuvre, clicking quickly in and out of the device and spray gun. This saves time and effort.
    Quick-coupling system
    For easy cleaning
    Technical data
    Temperature (°C) max. 60
    Max. pressure (bar) 180
    Length (m) 9
    Weight (kg) 0,8
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 1
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 245 x 245 x 65

  • Karcher Fleece Filter...

    The extremely tear-resistant fleece filter bags have a high dust retention rate and allow significantly longer suction periods compared to paper filter bags. The fleece filter bags are suitable for the Kärcher Home & Garden multi-purpose vacuum cleaners from the MV 4 to MV 6 ranges and WD 4 to WD 6 ranges.

    Suitable for the Kärcher MV 4 to MV 6 multi-purpose vacuum cleaners, as well as the WD 4 to WD 6.

    Extremely tear-resistant

    High degree of dust retention for significantly longer vacuuming than with paper filter bags

    Technical data
    Quantity (piece(s)) 4
    Weight (kg) 0,2
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,3
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 260 x 190 x 13

  • Karcher Water Filter

    Water filter protects pressure washer pumps against dirt particles from dirty water. Filter extends the life of the pressure washer. Suitable for all Kärcher K 2 to K 7 pressure washers.

    Protects the high-pressure pump against dirt particles from contaminated water
    Increases pressure washer life
    Water filter
    Contents always visible.
    Easy removal of dirt particles
    Technical data
    Weight (kg) 0,1
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,1
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 117 x 50 x 50

  • Karcher Spray Extraction...

    The SE 4002 spray extraction cleaner features the 2-in-1 comfort system with integrated spray vacuum hose and an additional spray extraction nozzle for upholstery cleaning. The spray extraction cleaner cleans deep into the fibres of textile surfaces (e.g. carpets, mattresses, car seats, etc.). Water and Kärcher RM 519 carpet cleaner are sprayed deep into the textile surfaces under pressure and removed together with the dissolved dirt.

    Allergy sufferers can breathe more easily. (Tip: Ideal also for households with pets). Kärcher nozzle technology ensures that cleaned surfaces dry in half the time. Further features: large, removable clean water tank (4 litre): shock-proof and translucent (for easy filling and emptying), 3-in-1 handle for easy carrying, opening, closing and emptying of the machine container, cord hook and practical accessory storage on the container, extensive range of accessories for using the machine as a Multi-purpose Vac.

    Airflow (l/s) 70
    Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 210 / 21
    Pump capacity (W) 40
    Input power turbine/pump (W) 1400 / 40
    Working width (mm) 230
    Container capacity (l) 18
    Fresh/waste water tank (l) 4 / 4
    Standard accessory ID (mm) 35
    Current type (V/Hz) 220 – 240 / 50 – 60
    Spray rate (l/min) 1
    Spray pressure (bar) 1
    Power cable (m) 7,5
    Weight without accessories (kg) 7,8
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 11,8
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 441 x 386 x 480

  • Karcher Air Blower –...

    Air blower AB 20 Ec developed for the accelerated drying of wet-cleaned textile areas. The compact, lightweight and easy-to-transport machine makes possible up to 50 per cent faster drying times – cleaned carpets are ready for walking on again considerably quicker. The dryer is also very quiet and can be used in noise-sensitive areas or during opening hours. A low-wear Ec motor guarantees low power consumption and a long lifetime of the machine, which complies with the European guidelines on energy efficiency.

    Low-wear Ec motor
    Long-lasting, robust and thus very economical machine.
    Motor with 3-stage control.
    Blower complies with the European guidelines on energy efficiency.
    Compact design with low weight
    Very easy to transport thanks to the compact dimensions and low weight.
    Comfortable handle for simple carrying.
    Low-noise operation
    Trouble-free operation also during daytime cleaning.
    Barely noticeable noise when used during opening hours.
    Technical data
    Air flow rate (levels 1/2/3) (m³/h) 1200
    Blower speed (levels 1/2/3) (rpm) 1450
    Rated input power (W) 120
    Cable length (m) 7,5
    Weight without accessories (kg) 7,1
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 8,5
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 375 x 353 x 371
    Sturdy plastic casing
    Ergonomic carrying handle
    Integrated power cable organizer


    Karcher Air Blower –...

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  • Karcher Spray-extraction...

    Puzzi 10/1 with upholstery nozzle and floor nozzle is particularly suited to hygienic and effective cleaning of small to medium surfaces. With 1 bar spray pressure, the spray extraction machine ensures gentle, deep cleaning of textiled surfaces and delivers impressive results, especially when cleaning carpets and upholstery.

    Thanks to the narrow floor nozzle, the machine is optimally suited for use in confined spaces. The flexible suction lips allow cluttered areas to be cleaned easily. The spray extraction machine is fitted with an integrated cable hook and a holder for a handle with trigger and suction pipe.

    Technical data
    Max. area performance (m²/h) 20 – 25
    Air flow (l/s) 74
    Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 254 / 25,4
    Spray rate (l/min) 1
    Spray pressure (bar) 1
    Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 10 – 9
    Turbine capacity (W) 1250
    Pump capacity (W) 40
    Voltage (V) 220 – 240
    Frequency (Hz) 50 – 60
    Weight without accessories (kg) 10,5
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 16,1
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 690 x 325 x 440

  • Karcher Spray-extraction...

    With a noise level of 66 dB (A), the Puzzi 30/4 spray extraction machine is the quietest wet vacuum cleaner in its class and ideal for low-noise cleaning. With a 30-litre fresh water capacity and a 350 mm floor nozzle, this innovative spray extraction machine is especially suitable for cleaning large carpeted areas. The machine design places great emphasis on ergonomic, stress-free and time-saving cleaning.

    The EASY-Operation concept and the ergonomic upright stance make handling much easier. The learning curve is smooth, thanks to easily understandable pictograms. The dirty water tank is removable, and the handle and shape of the tank are designed for ergonomic transport. The container is easy to clean, which also makes it suitable for filling the fresh water tank. The short set-up period saves time and money. The drying time with this machine is up to 30% shorter than with competitiveproducts. This is partially due to the flexible suction lip, which always assures an optimal suction angle. The Puzzi 30/4 is easy to carry, even when lying flat with a full fresh water tank, and its large castor wheels make it easy to transport over stairs

    Technical data
    Max. area performance (m²/h) 60 – 75
    Air flow (l/s) 74
    Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 254 / 25,4
    Spray rate (l/min) 3
    Spray pressure (bar) 4
    Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 30 – 15
    Turbine capacity (W) 1200
    Pump capacity (W) 70
    Voltage (V) 220 – 240
    Frequency (Hz) 50 – 60
    Weight without accessories (kg) 26
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 580 x 460 x 930


    Karcher Spray-extraction...

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  • Karcher Carpet Cleaner...

    The BRC 30/15 C is the perfect machine for fibre-deep carpet cleaning of smaller areas. With its floating brush perfect cleaning results can be achieved, also on uneven areas. The BRC 30/15 can also be used flexibly for the intermediate cleaning of carpets with the prespray of I-Capsol cleaning agent or for selective stain removal.

    High cleaning performance
    Roller brush assists with fibre-deep cleaning.
    Floating roller brush for uniform cleaning performance.
    Fibres are aligned and ensure a uniform appearance.
    Compact dimensions
    Ideal for areas between 200 and 800 m².
    Easy storage.
    Easy to transport.
    Technical data
    Area performance (deep cleaning/intermediate cleaning iCapsol) (m²/h) 150
    Air flow 20
    Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 300 / 30
    Spray pressure for deep cleaning (bar) 3,5
    Spray rate for deep cleaning (l/min) 1
    Working width, vacuuming (mm) 315
    Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 15 / 17
    Turbine capacity (W) 1130
    Motor rating of brush motor (W) 80
    Weight without accessories (kg) 36
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 35,5
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 920 x 360 x 750


    Karcher Carpet Cleaner...

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  • Karcher 2-Way Distributor...

    High-quality 2-way tap adapter with G3/4 tap adapter and G1/2 reducer for watering with up to two hoses at the same time. The 2-way tap adapter has two tap adapters with two independent, infinitely variable controllers and is characterised by an optimised water flow. It is universally usable with all common garden hoses and impresses with robust quality and an ergonomic design for pleasant and simple handling. The smooth union nut with the robust internal thread guarantees easy and comfortable fixing at the tap. The 2-way tap adapter is compatible with most of the available hook-and-loop systems.

    Two water outlets which can be regulated independently of each other
    Separate use of two water outlets on one tap.
    With integrated pre-filter
    For an extra long lifetime.
    Smooth-running union joint
    Easy attachment to taps with 3/4″ or 1/2″ thread.
    Technical data
    Thread size G3/4 + G1/2
    Weight (kg) 0,1
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,1
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 50 x 126 x 78
    — When connecting these products to the drinking water network, you must observe the requirements of EN 1717. If necessary, ask your sanitary specialist.

  • Karcher Hose Trolley...

    The assembled HT 3.400 hose trolley kit is ideal for watering medium-sized to large areas and gardens. With an innovative folding function, it can easily be folded to save space.

    Equipment details: height-adjustable push fork, angled connection adapter, smooth-running winding handle and innovative folding function for space-saving storage. Fully assembled. Capacity: 40 m 1/2″ hose or 30 m 5/8″ hose or 20 m 3/4″ hose. Everything you need for the perfect garden.

    Fully assembled

    Free-running crank handle

    Large wheels
    For greater mobility
    Height-adjustable handle

    Capacity: 40 m 1/2″ hose oder 30 m 5/8″ hose or 20 m 3/4″ hose
    Suitable for all common garden hoses
    Folding function
    Space-saving storage.
    Technical data
    Weight (kg) 2,3
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 2,4
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 390 x 450 x 700

  • Karcher Spray Gun Set...

    One kit with everything needed for convenient garden watering. The spray gun (no. 2.645-265.0) simplifies work thanks to the handle with lock function, which ensures that the water flow is constantly maintained. Furthermore, 2 spraying patterns can be continuously adjusted: point and cone jet. It can be used either to water flower and plant beds, or to clean coarse dirt on terraces or garden furniture. In addition to the spray gun, the set contains a G3/4″ tap connector with G1/2 reducer, as well as 2 universal connectors (one with Aqua Stop).

    The connector with Aqua Stop prevents the water flow on the end of the garden hose, even if, for example, the nozzle is removed when the tap is open. In addition, the universal connectors are suitable for all conventional garden hose diameters. By the way: Nozzles and connectors from Kärcher are compatible will all available click systems andcan be connected to your garden hose without any problems.

    Ergonomic control valve
    Regulation of the flow rate with one hand.
    Easy locking of the trigger handle
    For convenient and continuous watering.
    Spraying pattern continuously definable from hard jet to cone jet
    Ideal for watering (cone jet) and cleaning (point jet).
    Aqua Stop
    For securely detaching accessories from the hose without splashing.
    Optimum protection against frost damage.
    Universal couplings (1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″)
    Suitable for all standard garden hoses.
    Hook-and-loop system
    Works with all well-known brands.
    Technical data
    Weight (kg) 0,1
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,2
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 167 x 42 x 142
    Number of spray patterns, 2
    Locking at handle
    Water flow regulation
    Self-draining function
    Cone jet
    Point jet

  • Karcher Pulse Circular...

    Pulse sprinkler, rotating sprinkler and sector sprinkler in one device: the pulse, circular and sector sprinkler PS 300 is suitable for watering medium-sized to large areas and gardens. The maximum watering area is 706 sq. m. The sprinkler can be easily connected to the garden hose and is compatible with all available hook-and-loop systems. Kärcher: The wise choice for your watering needs.

    Adjustable spray angle
    e.g. for watering under trees
    Robust spike for uneven or sloping underground
    Guaranteed stability and robustness
    Technical data
    Water volume 18,5 l/min
    Sprinkling diameter (2 bar) ≤ 25 m
    Sprinkling diameter (4 bar) ≤ 30 m
    Sprinkling area (2 bar) 490 m²
    Sprinkling area (4 bar) 706 m²
    Weight (kg) 0,1
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,2
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 52 x 113 x 212

  • Karcher K4 Electric Pressure...

    The “K4” features a durable and powerful water-cooled motor. This high-pressure cleaner with
    Quick Connect gun and 6 m high-pressure hose is designed for the occasional removal of moderate soiling. The Vario Power spray lance (VPS) and dirt blaster are suitable for cleaning cars,
    garden fences, bicycles, etc. The water pressure can be adjusted by simply twisting the VPS to
    suit the surface being cleaned. The dirt blaster with rotating pencil jet effortlessly removes
    stubborn dirt. An integrated water filter reliably protects the pump against the ingress of dirt
    particles. Also included: P&C universal cleaner.
    Pressure-bar / MPa 20–130 / 2–13
    Flow rate l/h 420
    Max. inlet temperature °C max. 40
    Connection load kW 1.8
    Weight without accessories kg 11.8
    Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 300 × 394 × 876
    Current type V / Hz 230 / 50

  • Karcher K7 Premium Full...

    The ideal pressure washer for frequent use on stubborn dirt. K 7 Full Control Plus Home with Home Kit and spray gun incl. +/- buttons for pressure regulation and an LCD display.

    Current type (V/Hz) 230 / 50
    Pressure (bar/MPa) 20 – max. 180 / 2 – up to 18
    Flow rate (l/h) max. 600
    Max. inlet temperature (°C) max. 60
    Connection load (kW) 3
    Area performance (m²/h) 60
    Weight without accessories (kg) 17,6
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 20,7
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 463 x 330 x 667

  • Karcher Gasoline Pressure...

    Maximum flexibility – without any electricity. The G 7.180 makes it possible. Thanks to its powerful petrol engine, the pressure washer is not reliant on a power supply. The new spray lance takes your cleaning experience to the next level. Its sturdy frame and large wheels also make the G 7.180 suitable for use in challenging terrain. The optimised features as well as the new accessories have significantly improved the previous G range. The G 7.180 – ideal for terraces, driveways, trailers, trucks and much more.

    The foldable frame makes the G 7.180 light and easy to store. Foldable frame
    The new and improved accessories ensure even more powerful and easy cleaning.New accessories
    The removable detergent tank makes filling up with detergent easy. The tank can be cleaned easily.Removable detergent tank
    Extra-large wheels
    The extra-large wheels make it suitable for use in challenging terrain, too.
    Automatic choke
    Simply start cleaning with the automatic choke.
    Technical data
    Pressure (bar/MPa) 18 – 180 / 1,8 – 18
    Flow rate (l/h) 590
    Inlet temperature (°C) max. 40
    Power (hp) max. 4,7
    Motor type Petrol
    Cubic capacity (cm³) 160
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 34
    Weight without accessories (kg) 28
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 611 x 518 x 919
    High-pressure hose, 10 m
    High-pressure spray gun, G 180 Q
    Vario Power Jet
    Dirt Blaster


    Karcher Gasoline Pressure...

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  • Karcher Mobile Outdoor...

    Clean equipment even when you’re out and about: With the mobile pressure washer from Kärcher including adventure box with optimally adapted accessories for cleaning outdoor equipment. Its integrated lithium-ion battery and removable water tank also enable it to be used without a power or water connection. With a gentle yet efficient low pressure flat jet, the pressure washer is ideal for sensitive surfaces. An LED display also signals if the battery is almost empty or is charging. Benefits of the adventure box: The universal brush with soft bristles can be attached to the spray gun and removes even stubborn dirt, the suction hose enables the use of alternative water sources such as wells or canisters and the accessories box can be easily fastened to the device for storage.

    Sophisticated storage concept
    Convenient storage of the spiral hose and trigger gun under the removable water tank.
    Integrated lithium-ion battery
    Mobile cleaning independent of a power source.
    Adventure box
    For optimal cleaning of outdoor equipment on the go.
    Efficient, but gentle low pressure

    Detachable water tank
    Can be easily filled up in the house.
    Technical data
    Pressure range Low pressure
    Flow rate (l/min) max. 2
    Battery charge time (min) 180
    Weight without accessories (kg) 2,2
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 4,1
    Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 277 x 234 x 293
    Water tank volume, 4 l
    Lithium-ion battery
    Spiral hose, 2.8 m
    Flat jet nozzle
    Device filter
    Battery charging cable
    Storage box
    Universal brush
    Integrated water filter
    Suction hose


    Karcher Mobile Outdoor...

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