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Layaway available on our shopping website or on our mobile App. Contract Terms & Conditions (T & C) may apply. All fees and payments are nonrefundable. Service and cancellation fees apply, no partial cancellations permitted. All cancellations attract a fee of 8% or 5% on initial payment that was made through layaway on the type of layaway contract. Layaway contracts require weekly payments, with the option to spread across 4-weeks or 8-weeks contract. Only 4-weeks contracts offered on items exceeding ₵300. 8- weeks layaway option available for purchases of ₵1000 or more. contact store sales associate for details on +233 (0) 545803004 / 0507488940 / 0271128692

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amkshoproom Online Layaway

Four easy steps to get what you want

see terms and conditions (T & C)

amkshoproom Online shopping Layaway Agreement

  1. Where allowed by law, this layaway is subject to a non-refundable layaway fee of ₵24 for 4-weeks contracts and ₵50 for 8- weeks contacts. No partial pick-up or partial cancellations.
  2. Layaways which are delinquent in payments by more than 4 days may be cancelled by amkshoproom. A cancellation fee of ₵24 for 4-weeks contracts / ₵50.00 cancellation fee for 8-weeks contract will be charged on layaways that are cancelled, refunded or which are delinquent in payments by more than 4 days. 4-weeks cancellation fee is 8% of total merchandise cost. 8-weeks cancellation fee is 5% of total merchandise cost. cancellation fee is up to 8% or 5% of payments made to date at time of cancellation by a customer.
  3. Layaway period is determined by final payment due date and will be either 4 or 8 weeks depending on type of merchandise layaway contract. Currently, a 4-weeks contract is only available on purchases exceeding ₵300 at amkshoproom online shopping, 8-weeks contract is only available on purchases ₵1000 or more at amkshoproom online shop. All layaway contract requires weekly payments. Total number of payments depends on final payment due date.
  4. Down payment requirement is ₵150 for layaway merchandise at total cost of ₵300, ₵500 for layaway merchandise at total cost of ₵1000 or more, unless otherwise specified.
  5. All layaways must be paid in full and arranged to be delivered up within 2-days within Accra or 3-days outside the Greater Accra Region after final due date. If not, order will be cancelled, returned to stock, and cancellation fee will be deducted for your refund. Select items may require off premise storage and will be made available 2 or 3 days after final payment. call store sales associate for details on 0545803004 / 0507488940 / 0271128692
  6. Price adjustments cannot be facilitated on layaway merchandise. No adjustments from layaway start date. Except where prohibited by law, multiple price adjustments on the same item are not permitted and price adjustments not allowed on clearance merchandise.
  7. By providing customer info and telephone number or email address to amkshoproom online shop, you expressly agree that amkshoproom shopping website may use those methods to contact you, including contacting you at any time through telephone number(s) provided and via pre-recorded messages, concerning your layaway purchase. You also agree that amkshoproom online multi-vendor shop and its affiliates may use this contact info for marketing messages that may be of interest to you.


1) Contract cancellations can be done by filling our cancellation form online and emailing us through our layaway platform and must be done at the amkshoproom online shop designated at contract initiation.

2) Layaway contracts will be delivered from our partners stores where the merchandise is being held within 2 days within Accra and 3 days outside Greater Accra Region after final payment is made and merchandise is made available. Is there an option to deliver this merchandise?

Notice to amkshoproom layaway contract customers: You are entitled to a copy of this document at the time you sign; you may pay full balance due under this agreement at any time, you may also cancel this agreement if you notify us by certified or registered mail within 2 calendar days after you sign the agreements excluding Sundays.

Notice to amkshoproom online shop customers: If your purchase amount is over ₵300.00 or ₵1000.00 and you default on this agreement you are entitled to purchase merchandise equal to the amount paid at the time of default or we will provide a refund less cancellation fee. If you cancel by written notice within 2 days of this agreement you will receive a full refund. But after this said days all cancellation will attract fees.

Notice to all customers: no merchandise will be removed from inventory until 50% of the purchase price has been paid on layaway contract.

Unless full payment is made according to this agreement, merchandise will be returned to stock

1.Shop what you want

Any item exceeding ₵300.00 is “Layaway Eligible” Add cart and go to checkout. Select “Pay with Layaway” and pay 50% of the total cost to get started.

  1. Make a down payment

This is due when you initiate your contract and it includes the service fee

  1. Make payments every 1(one)-week

Pay online through mobile money (MOMO) and notify us through a phone call or through an email on our layaway platform. You can opt in for payment reminders.

  1. Get your items

Once you’ve made your last payment, we’ll send you an email or text massage letting you know your item is Ready to be delivered.

Lay away options

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Available                         4 weeks plan                            8 weeks plan

Payments                      every one week                       every one week

Down payment                     ₵150                                           ₵500

Service fee                             ₵15                                             ₵20

Cancellation fee (%)       8% out of ₵300                        5% out of ₵1000

Cancellation                             ₵24                                              ₵50


See details

Layaway available, online and on mobile App.  Contract initiation fees may apply. All fees are nonrefundable. Service and cancellation fees apply, no partial cancellations permitted. Cancellations can only be made through email notification, you can call-(0545803004 / 0507488940 / 0271128692) for further explanation. Layaway contracts require weekly payments, with option to spread across 4-weeks or 8-weeks contract. Exclusions may apply. Call associate for details.


Get your Layaway questions answered

How long is a Layaway contract?

  • Layaway contracts are 4-weeks. 8-weeks contracts are available at amkshoproom shopping website only for purchases of ₵300 or more.

Are there any fees?

  • Except where prohibited by law, a 4 weeks contract requires a ₵15 Service Fee and 8-weeks layaway contract requires ₵20 Service Fee.


Can I cancel my Layaway contract?

  • Yep! However, you can only cancel a contract at amkshoproom online shop and must make a full cancellation. Once you do, you’ll receive a full refund of any payments made to date (minus service and cancellation fees).

Are all items available for Layaway?

  • Only items featuring the quoted amounts can be purchased with Layaway. You can find this price on the product page.


What are my payments?

  • 4 easy payments of balance due are required after down payment for a 4-weeks contract and 8 easy payments of balance due are required for an 8-weeks contract.


What if I miss a layaway payment?

  • You have a 3-days grace* period after your payment due date before your contract is cancelled and items are returned to stock. A nonrefundable Cancellation Fee will apply. *


Where can I make payments?

  • You can make payments through mobile money (MOMO) or online in the Layaway platform.


Reserve now and pay as you go with amkshoproom layaway online


With amkshoproom layaway online plans, those big purchases won’t have to wait until later. Take advantage of current deals and lock in today’s great values with our online layaway platform. Just start your schedule of payments and your brand-new television, refrigerators, car parts, utensils set, mobile phones, computer or laptop etc. will be waiting for you when you’re finished.


If you’re shopping for big items price, amkshoproom online shop layaway makes it easy. You can pick and choose your own payment plan to find an option that works for you. You can opt for 4-weekly or 8-weekly payments over a 4-8 weeks period. For purchases over ₵300, you have the option of setting up a 8-week, 4-payment contract at amkshoproom online store. Don’t forget that our layaway online service is low-risk; you can cancel at any time to receive a full refund, minus a small cancellation and service fee. Whether you’re buying utensil set for your home or looking for a new mobile phone etc., amkshoproom online shop makes it easy to pay according to your schedule.


If you see a deal you like in the amkshoproom online layaway store, don’t delay. Take advantage of our great prices and convenient layaway payments plan at amkshoproom save more & spend less! today. Shop Now!

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